Point of VieW: Marketing & Sustainability

How Should Marketers Approach Sustainability?

Sustainability is mainstream to business today, as much a part of its lifeblood as core functions.  No longer seen as ‘other’ or ‘separate,’ the business case for sustainability is accepted by so many of the world’s global corporations.  This in itself is an achievement. Yet there is still a gulf  between our current state and one of achieving sustainability – when all companies will be able to say, in the words of the visionary Ray Anderson, that they are “…tak(ing) nothing from the earth that can’t be replaced by the earth.”  

Against this backdrop, there could not be a more important time for marketers to engage – to be well versed in the sustainability challenges that our companies and industries face – and in so doing, to become well-positioned collaborators on this critical topic, able to proactively engage with colleagues, experts, NGO's, government – and customers.

We believe the ability of business to impact our world for the better is profound.  And that the marketing function, which brings expertise for insight discovery and creative communication across diverse stakeholders, has an opportunity and a responsibility in this sphere. 

Given the presence of over-reaching sustainability narratives in the marketplace, harnessing the marketing skillset alone is not enough.  Our approach must become more considered and go deeper to deliver authenticity and to reflect our values and those of our organizations. 

In harnessing not only our skills and knowledge, but also our ethics and values – we open the possibility to contribute to profound and lasting impact…and to real value creation for our companies and our world.

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